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From a Cane to Pain Free

I am extremely satisfied with the work that Dr. Caldwell does. I barely could walk only with the aid of a cane and even then it was extremely painful. I have had cortisone injections in my back several times but am from Minnesota and out of network on my insurance. When I happened upon his flyer I was game to try anything. I signed up for the ten treatments and felt somewhat better after the first one! Each one thereafter I felt progressively better. I have had eight treatments and am pain free. 

Thank you Dr.Caldwell!

Ted Gamroth

Freedom from Pain Without Surgery

I cannot express my total joy of healing that I am experiencing.  I have always been very active in sports with tennis, hiking and dancing and just endured the pain.  I can safely say that I now enjoy these sports with little or no pain and love that I can take simple steps without pain! I whole heartedly recommend people that experience acute pain to seek the laser treatment therapy.

About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with bilateral hip bursitis.  Xrays showed normal hip joints and bone on bone in my lower back at L5.  I was referred to Physical Therapy, and after several months my Orthopedic Doctor recommended injections of cortisone to both hip trochanters. In the next few years I had 3 more occasions to have cortisone injections in which I experienced only temporary relief.  

Then I noticed knots on both of my Achilles tendons.  I was prescribed boots to wear at night while sleeping to keep my ankles bent at a 90 degree angle.  Then I was diagnosed with planter fasciitis and have prescribed insoles for my shoes. 

Finally in 2016  I was given a MRI of both hips and found that both of my medial gluts have atrophied.  My doctor recommended trying plasma replacement. The right hip responded for 2 weeks but the left hip seemed unchanged. The orthopedic doctors reached the end of possible treatments for me and that leaves only surgery which they cannot guarantee.  I did not consider surgery an option and chose rather to continue to deal with the pain.

In November 2016 I met Dr. Jason Caldwell and discovered the phase 4 deep laser treatment plan which I pursued with gusto.  After my first complimentary visit with him I experienced a lessening of pain and immediately signed up for 10 treatments.  At first I visited twice a week and then once a week.  

I have now finished 20 treatments but wish to continue for another 10 treatments. Now I visit every 2 weeks.  My goal is not merely pain relief for a short time but healing and reactivation of my medial gluts. I whole heartedly recommend people that experience acute pain to seek the laser treatment therapy.

Marilynn Anderson

If It Works For the Pros It Works For Me

Recently I have been suffering with a neck tightness or spasm which was not getting better after about (4) weeks.  My wife and I just moved into the Mesa area on January 30th and it was probably just the effect of extensive packing, unpacking, transporting unwanted items to charities, and the overall move.  But either way, it was bothersome and painful each day not allowing me to function for periods over (15) minutes at a time behind a desk.  On Monday, February 8th while taking a shower, neck still aching, my back went into major spasm and locked up.  Once again, it was probably the result of many hours of packing and the move.  Regardless of cause, I could not even walk without assistance at first.  Sitting down and getting up also required assistance.  Needless to say, the immobility was painful and keeping me from doing my work.

I went to the Next-Care facility to see what a doctor would do on Wednesday.  I had no other answers at the time.  Being without insurance, due to my job just starting and the 30-day period prior to insurance starting, this was my desperate choice to help the pain and hopefully help me gain my mobility back.  I was moving like a turtle.  I was sent home with a handful or prescriptions, a steroid shot, and $190 lighter in my wallet.  Although the pain was lower, it was medicated and temporarily fixed, I knew.  

The previous evening, Tuesday, I had picked up the Las Sendas “Up Close” local paper and was skimming through it.  I happened to run across an article titled “Deep tissue laser therapy gets results”.  Fast forward to Wednesday, my back crooked as the Hunchback of Notre Dame, still in pain, yet medicated, I remembered the article and drove down to Distinctive Salon & Spa in the Basha’s parking lot.  I was greeted with a friendly smile of the receptionist and begged for help.  I was at my wits end.  Something had to change.  Dr. Caldwell luckily had time and noticed the pain that I was in, but more importantly, noticed how mis-shaped I was from the spasm and gladly agreed to see me.  

He took me back into the therapy room and received all of the information of how this happened and reviewed the current status of pain.  Dr. Caldwell explained what the procedure was going to be, described the mild sensation of heat that I would feel, and briefed me on the history of laser technology.  I did not understand the synthesization of ATP, increasing vasodilation, elevating collagen formation substances, or stimulating mitochondria, but he did say that it was used in the MLB and that even the Diamondbacks own a machine.  If the pros back this technology, I thought, I am in!!  

He proceeded with the 5-minute treatment and within 2 minutes my back spasm had changed 75%.  The pain was almost gone.  The miracle laser had made me a believer.  I rose from the table, with very little pain and could move easily.  I was no longer the turtle that I was when I entered this office.  Jason explained in detail that it will take more than one session as the pain may just move to another section of the back.  I signed up for the 5-session package with higher hopes of complete comfort after a week.  Boy, was I wrong.  It only took one more session for complete comfort.  The pain had shifted to my lower back, but after treatment on Day 2, that had disappeared too. 

Day 3, 4, and 5 became maintenance sessions and also classroom time.  We began to focus back on the neck, yet still monitoring the back.  On Day 3, Dr. Caldwell advised me on how to correct my posture, laid out daily exercise routines (providing a prescription to LA Fitness, waiving the sign-up fee), and sent me home with some blood flow supplements in order to stay in line.  Days 4 and 5, still no pain, were once again maintenance and learning.  As desperation had set in and I miraculously read that article in the paper, I took a shot.  That is what I would advise everyone to do who is reading this now.  

Modern medicine is the practice of drug prescriptions and who can sell the most of them.  We Americans fail to understand that modern technology is moving to places we cannot understand.  We have to take advantage of it and not be afraid of “something different”.  Deep tissue massage, pain killers, and surgeries are not the answers.  Don’t be doubtful, scared, and rely on chemicals to be healed.  I took a chance as I was in desperation mode, needed to be mobile, work effectively, and be free of pain.  The chance that I took paid off!!

Dave Stoffer

You Too Can Be Pain Free

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